Lindsay Lohan fires her manager

Oct 24, 2011 at 3:20 p.m. ET

Lindsay Lohan is blaming her manager for most of her career problems. Find out why she sacked him.

Lindsay Lohan's life is in quite a bit of turmoil lately, thanks to her stalled career and continued legal troubles. The 25-year-old is taking steps to right her wrongs, though -- she showed up early to the morgue on Friday and fired her manager, according to TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan fired her manager

Lohan hasn't acted in a film since her appearance in Machete -- and she's blaming her manager, Lou Taylor.

"…Lindsay felt her finances (which were Taylor's responsibility) were beginning to slip through the cracks and word was getting back to her that her balances were not being handled in a timely manner ... in part because Taylor is based in Tennessee," TMZ reported.

Lohan's rep said it was a mutual decision, though it appears she might actually need a new image rep instead of a new manager. The actress tried to send burgers and cupcakes to the staff at the Los Angeles county morgue to make up for her late arrival on Thursday.

The morgue officials weren't having it, though. They sent away the food gifts, calling them inappropriate.

"She is not getting any special treatment," Assistant Chief Ed Winter told the Los Angeles Times. "She's going to be cleaning toilets, mopping floors and emptying the trash bins."

There is a bright spot in Lohan's life, though. German designer Philipp Plein plans to keep the actress as his $500K spokesmodel.

"I chose Lindsay Lohan as the face of my ss 2012 collection because, aside from being talented and beautiful, she is unconventional, unpredictable, full of surprises and far from boring… which perfectly reflects the spirit of my collection," he said in a statement. "I look forward to completing our project together, and trust that she will be able to resolve her legal issues as soon as possible."

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Do you think firing her manager was a smart move, or another way to shift blame?

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