Amber Heard talks “Johnny Depp/Aaron Eckhart sandwich”

She may be in a relationship, but the lovely Amber Heard can still appreciate her gorgeous Rum Diary co-stars, Johnny Depp and Aaron Eckhart. Listen to what Heard told us about filming with the fellas.

The Rum Diary‘s Amber Heard is one lucky gal by most women’s standards.

The beautiful actress got the opportunity to make out with not one, but two, of Hollywood’s hottest guys in this fast-paced flick.

“I have such a strange job,” Amber laughed, when questioned about kissing Johnny Depp. “It puts me in the most interesting circumstances and I certainly wasn’t complaining about this one. I’m in the middle of an Aaron Eckhart/Johnny Depp sandwich. I was just fine.”

Amber, 25, said that like many young girls, she grew up idolizing Depp. “I mean who isn’t a fan of Johnny’s?” Amber questioned. “He’s been a cultural icon and a talented actor since I can remember.”

Amber and Johnny in The Rum Diary

More than the studly cast though, Amber was most impressed by the movie’s other muscles… the cars that is.

“There’s nothing better,” Amber said of her speedy scene in a 58 Chevy Corvette. “There is not a more beautiful machine out there. And sitting next to Johnny Depp in it, driving up and down the coastline of Puerto Rico, not a bad moment. One of the best filming days of my life.”

Amber plays the free-spirited character Chenault in The Rum Diary, torn between Depp’s tenacious Paul and Eckhart’s greedy Sanderson. Like her character, Amber said she too has a wild streak.

“I’m as gutsy as my character,” said Amber. “I think what I like about Chenault is the fearlessness, and the rebellious spirit, and the kind of fierce independence that she has.”

We like it, too!

Photo Credit: Peter Mountain


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