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Jersey Shore recap: “Ciao Italia

On the season finale of the Jersey Shore, the cast says “arrivederci” to Florence — the city where their makeshift family unit was divided, united and tested, time and time again.

The final episode of this season’s Jersey Shore saw the cast trying to make amends with each other. With language being an issue and not as much fun to be had, it was up to the Guidos to rely on each other more heavily than ever before. What ensued was a complex tapestry of hurt feelings, new relationships and one cast member who felt they weren’t part of the family anymore.

Vinny and Pauly, Jersey Shore

It was the last day of work at the pizzeria for Sammi, Vinny and Pauly. They joked around with their boss Marco for a better part of the day, saying that despite their rocky start, they really enjoyed the work and all the people they met.

Mike was still contemplating not returning to New Jersey when the cast left Italy for good. He knew he was not wanted by the other roommates, but in the end, he chose to stick it out, saying, “I have no problem being the villain. I will take on the whole house at once.” He then apologized to all the roommates, but Jenni said to him, “Same apology, different country.”

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Their second to last night in Florence, the whole gang, minus Jenni, went to a club, but they weren’t having any fun, so they left. Italy wasn’t the same as being in the states — they’d had enough of pizza, pasta and fist pumping in the motherland.

The day before they left, Vinny and Pauly arranged for a tour of the history and art of Florence, considering they had been there for weeks and had never really seen any of the sights. The reluctant roommates complained most of the tour, and Mike continued to separate himself from the group. Snooki remarked, upon seeing the iconic state of David, “If I took care of David, he would look like a Guido. He’d have a spray tan.”

Pauly summed up their feelings before packing and leaving, “I’m pale. I’ve got to get to Jersey, I have to go tanning.”

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