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Colin Egglesfield named the Ultimate Man Candy

SheKnows readers have spoken, and it’s now official: Colin Egglesfield has been named the Ultimate Man Candy in the first Man Candy Showdown. Colin leads the way in what we hope will become a legacy of drool-worthy celeb hotties in our Man Candy Showdowns.

Colin Egglesfield voted Ultimate Man Candy by SheKnows Readers

The Sexiest Showdown Ever

In the sexiest bracket tournament ever, SheKnows matched up some of our most popular Man Candy Men including Justin Timberlake, Tyrese Gibson and Ryan Gosling against one another in the first-ever Man Candy Showdown. Readers voted for their favorites in four bracket-style rounds and selected Colin as their ultimate Hollywood stud.

Colin Egglesfield at the Something Borrowed Premier

“The interesting thing about Colin is that if you’re not a soap fan, it can seem like he came out of nowhere — suddenly this dark, mysterious, supremely good-looking man was starring as the lead alongside Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed, and we all stopped in our tracks, says Jamie Beckman, SheKnows Man Candy Mondays contributor, and we can’t agree more! She continues, “He lent a lot of heart to the character Dex, which I think is a result of his Midwestern sensibilities and the humility that comes through in his interviews. Also, superficially, he has this compelling combination of dark hair and light eyes that can be a bit hypnotizing.”

Why we love Colin Efflesfield  

Why we love Colin Egglesfield:

Smoldering eyes, a love of philanthropy and a solid American upbringing… This guy is like the warm apple pie of hotties! We adore him, and we’re clearly not the only ones!

Colin Egglesfield Photos

Since Colin hails from the soap opera world with his starting role as Josh Madden on All My Children, we spoke with Christine Fix, editor of to get her thoughts on his big win.

“There were so many delicious men to choose from, but I’m truly not surprised,” she says. “Soap opera fans are loyal and fiercely devoted to their shows and the stars, and as soon as we touted that one of the hotties of Daytime was in the running, we had a feeling it was only a matter of time until Colin Egglesfield won. If soap fans can keep the genre going for 70 years plus, and help migrate them online, they can help push a sexy soap star into winning the Man Candy Showdown!”

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