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Cate Edwards remembering her mom at her wedding

Cate Edwards will be married this Saturday to Dr. Trevor Upham at her parents’ home outside of Chapel Hill, NC, in a wedding her mother, Elizabeth, helped plan prior to her passing in December 2010.

Cate Edwards will wed longtime boyfriend Dr. Trevor Upham this Saturday at her parents’ home outside of Chapel Hill, NC. It was with her mother Elizabeth Edwards‘ blessing and encouragement that Cate planned her nuptials. She feels honored that although ill, Elizabeth did everything she could to help with the arrangements for her wedding day.

elizabeth edwards

It was right after Thanksgiving 2010 when Upham popped the question to Edwards just outside of her childhood home in Raleigh, NC. Little did she know that her mother, Elizabeth, although weakened by her fight against metastatic breast cancer, knew of his plans and was in on the entire scheme.

Edwards revealed her feelings about her mother and her involvement in her wedding in an article written for Glamour Magazine, titled, “What No One Knows About My Mother.”

She stated, “After I picked Trevor up at the airport, he suggested a detour through Raleigh, and proposed to me in front of the green-shuttered house that my parents had brought me home to as a newborn. After a celebratory lunch, we headed to Chapel Hill, where my family lives; we entered a house full of smiles, including my mom’s. She had been in on it for weeks. Trevor had shipped her the ring weeks before, and she had hidden it in the trunk of my car so he could retrieve it before he popped the question.”

Elizabeth also had another hand in Cate’s wedding planning. Cate revealed, “I feel so lucky to have shared that joy with her, to have had the time to leaf through bridal magazines together and talk about the wedding. We agreed the reception would be outdoors, with a ‘rustic romantic’ theme. Mom advised me to think carefully about the ceremony. It could be an important map, she said, for our life together. Even though I’ve had to plan the wedding without her, I feel blessed because, in her last weeks, she told me she was comforted to know I’d set forth on my own life path with someone she loved and respected, and with whom she truly believed I would he happy.”

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