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Private Practice sneak peek: “Remember Me”

Cooper gets a life changing gift from the past, while Addison, Sheldon and Violet care for a pregnant patient with severe memory loss and the husband she can’t remember on Private Practice: “Remember Me.” Watch a sneak peak of how fast word travels at the practice!

This week on Private Practice, Addison (Kate Walsh) juggles a complicated patient and her husband, as well as her own baby drama with Sam (Taye Diggs), and Cooper (Paul Adelstein) finds out “It’s a boy!”

Coop gives Charlotte his life changing news on Private Practice

As SheKnows suspected, the mysterious Erica (A.J. Langer) showed up at the practice last week with a child in toe and made a bee-line for Coop. Cooper is thrilled that he’s a daddy, even if he had to wait a few years to hear about it.

Charlotte (Kadee Strickland) doesn’t swallow the news as easily, as you can see from the picture above and the sneak peek clip below.

Addison and Sam continue to grapple with the baby issue, but this time, Addie puts it all out on the table. She’s afraid he’ll leave her if she finally gets what she wants, and he’s afraid she’s going nutty from the IVF drugs — and he might be right, but the “she wants, he doesn’t” dance is going to have to come to a head before a baby arrives.

Sam is confiding more in baby maker Jake, but this week Addie also turns to Jake for his advice as a “male friend” — and we all know that never bodes well for a relationship.

Romance and personal drama aside, Dr. Addie has her hands full at work with Jodi, a pregnant patient (Kathleen Rose Perkins) who is almost to term, but doesn’t remember how that happened. A traumatic car accident has destroyed her memory and, needless to say, her marriage.

Sheldon is helping Jodi’s husband, Zach (Eyal Podell), cope with the devastating position in which he finds himself, but when Violet hears what her former patient is considering, she gets territorial and the doctors face off.

Private Practice: “Remember Me” sneak peek

Coop’s baby news travels fast — too fast for Charlotte’s liking.

Private Practice airs Thursday, Oct. 20 on ABC, after a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Image: ABC

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