Lindsay Lohan gets new chompers

Lindsay Lohan is finally taking care of her appearance.

After photos of a tooth-decaying Lindsay Lohan made the internet blogs last week, it was apparent that a tube of Colgate has been left off of actress Lindsay Lohan’s CVS shopping list for the past few years.

But thanks to Lindsay’s newer, brighter smile, it looks like things have changed — good news for her, her fans, and her dentist.

The erstwhile actress was spotted flashing a much brighter smile this past weekend compared to her red carpet photos at L.A.’s Supper Club just last week. It looks like a few DIY at-home whitening kits, a strip or two of Rembrandt whitening strips, and our favorite Long Island-bred gal is back in action.

The Mean Girl‘s publicist earlier refused to dwell on the state of Lindsay’s chompers, basically stating that “with everything going on – from deteriorating public education to rampant homelessness to international unrest – there is no way I’m going to comment on Lindsay’s teeth.”

Deteriorating being the key word there, right?

Now if only Lindsay would stick to her court-appointed probation and therapy appointments, all would be good in the world, right?

But, knowing Lindsay that’s not the case as she once again failed to complete her required community service program, from which she was ousted from this week.

Lindsay’s luck might be running out for her as this time around she might find herself behind bars for failing to complete her court-mandated service hours.

Let’s just hope she packs a tube of toothpaste in her overnight bag before heading to jail.


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