Lady Gaga goes Marilyn Monroe for Bill Clinton's birthday

Oct 17, 2011 at 3:10 p.m. ET

As usual, Lady Gaga stole the show at last night's Clinton charity fundraiser, "A Decade of Difference." The event was to honor former President Bill Clinton on his 65th birthday.

Wearing a blonde wig, Lady Gaga performed three of her greatest hits for the star-packed crowd. Born This Way, Bad Romance and Edge of Glory kept the crowd on their feet, but Gaga wasn't done with her bag of tricks just yet!

Lady Gaga

Emerging from an all-white tree house, Gaga opened up her set with an unplugged version of her hit Born This Way. The tempo quickly picked up as Gaga was joined by her backup dancers -- President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton clapped along.

She then paid homage to screen legend Marilyn Monroe, as she changed some of the lyrics to her song Bad Romance to say, "Bill romance."

Gaga then talked to the on-their-feet crowd and said, "Well, I'm having my first real Marilyn moment. I always wanted to have one and I was hoping that it didn't involved an accident with some pills and a strand of pearls, so here we are."

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The singer then tore through her latest smash, Edge of Glory, and said, "I wish you were playing sax with me tonight baby..." She was referring to beloved E Street Band member, Clarence Clemons, who died earlier this year.

Although Clinton turned 65 in August, the party was well worth the wait. Said Clinton to the crowd, "My God, I get Lady Gaga and I will have a heart attack celebrating my 65th birthday."

He then later revealed, "I am the only person in history who got to be President and then had a post-presidential birthday party attended by both Lady Gaga and the Secretary of State. I want to thank Hillary because we met 40 years ago this year. When I met her, she was already doing the kind of work you see here long before it was cool."

Photo Credit: WENN