The Walking Dead's season two premiere: Carl is shot!

Oct 17, 2011 at 11:17 a.m. ET

The Walking Dead opened season two with a moment that comic book fans knew would come, but it was still jaw-dropping nonetheless.

The Walking Deadcrept back into our lives Sunday (Oct. 16), with a season two premiere that left our jaws on the floor with a breathtaking final scene that left a bullet in a Carl (Rick's son).

There was no shortage of "flinch" moments in Sunday night's season two premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead, but a lot of people are still buzzing over the opener's final moment.

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SheKnows thought we'd break down the shooting of Carl on The Walking Dead and give you some insight into Robert Kirkman's (executive producer/comic book creator) thoughts about the scene -- and we definitely want your reactions.

In the Sunday night premiere, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Shane (Jon Bernthal) mucked through the woods, trying to avoid being zombie food, while they searched for missing child Sophia.

The two, who were accompanied by Carl (Chandler Riggs), Rick's son, stumbled upon a deer who was in the gun sight of a mystery shooter. The worst part? The bullet ended up in Carl. Ouch!

Here's what The Walking Dead comic book creator and executive producer, Robert Kirkman, had to say about the moment: "Chandler [actor], I think, was super-excited," Kirkman revealed to MTV News.

Kirkman added, "He was like, 'I'm going to get shot? This is great!' Chandler is really into that stuff."

In regards to shooting the scene with the child actor, Kirkman said, "I got to witness what they were calling 'Chandler Chucking,' where they would basically pick him up by his pants and his jacket and then swing him onto a mat that was covered in leaves ... he was totally into it."

Kirkman added, "Anytime you shoot a child on-screen, you have to make sure the kid is OK with it. I think most of that was digital effects."

The Walking Dead isn't exactly void of OMG moments, and the shooting of Carl is definitely a buzz-worthy moment from the premiere -- even for fans who are completely in tune with the comic book.

Robert Kirkman told MTV News, "I think that's the magic of the TV show, personified in that scene. That [scene] is something that happens in the [early phase of the] comic book series, and it's a shocking thing."

Kirkman added, "You're not expecting that kid to get shot. People who have read the comic know that it happens, but the way we got to that scene in the TV show was done in a way that even if you're completely, 100 percent familiar with the comic book, you're not watching that going, 'I bet he's about to get shot. This is the part where he gets shot.'"

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Photo courtesy of AMC