Best ATWT's fashion-savvy stars

Oct 21, 2011 at 4:42 a.m. ET

Over the years, we have often looked to stars of As the World Turns for their fashion-savvy styles. But there are definitely a few characters who have stood out for their style choices. Here we reveal our favorite ATWS fashion-savvy stars.

1Carly Snyder

How could fashion-conscious Carly NOT make our list of ATWT's most fashionable? Carly has dedicated her career-life to fashion. Though she began as a simple ladies room attendant/waitress, she became the creator/partner of Get Real Fashions, and then the designer at Monte Carlo. She then became fashion designer and partner at BRO, owner and decorator of CTS Designs and finally owner of Metro. Carly always looks smoldering hot with immaculate and dramatic make-up, sexy styles -- like black studded halters -- and looser styles like breezy off-the-shoulder blouses.

Carly Snyder

2Barbara Ryan

Barbara Ryan has been an ATWT household name since the get-go. Though her on-screen personality waffled back and forth over the years between good girl and devious diva, one thing has not changed much -- her signature style. As a woman of power, Barbara offered sporty stylish power suits with fabulous accessories. She wore her cropped, dark brown hairstyle with side-swept bangs that alternated between slightly shorter and longer lengths over the years. Other than that, her hair style hasn't changed much.

Barbara Ryan

3Alison Stewart

Though Alison cleaned up her act (as least in the career department -- going from a porn star in Vegas and a waitress at Al's Diner, to become a nursing student at Oakdale Memorial), she definitely has no qualms showing off her assets via fashion on the show. She's gone from blonde to brunette, and she always rocks a super-sultry style. Tight-fitting and/or low-cut tops, curve-hugging dresses and bold colors -- like sexy red -- are staples in Alison's closet.

Alison Stewart

4Katie Snyder

As manager of Oakdale Downtown Gym and host of Oakdale Now, Katie Snyder better look good! This blonde-haired beauty always looks great, whether with long, flowing curly hair or shorter, sleeker styles. Over the years she's rocked trendy styles such as patterned flowing tops or a fitted velour blazer over a low-cut cami.

Katie Snyder

5Noah Mayer

Okay, we may not be taking fashion tips from Noah, but we've definitely enjoyed ogling his sense of style over the years. Whether covered up in a tight t-shirt or a button-down and a tie, Noah never broke a fashion rule in his days on ATWT.

Noah Mayer

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