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Kevin Bacon still angry over “angry dance

Even 27 years later, there are some things that still get under Kevin Bacon’s skin. Like the fact that he never did the acrobatic dancing that made his solo in Footloose so memorable.

Kevin Bacon

It was 27 years ago, but it still gets under Kevin Bacon‘s skin. The feature film Footloose was his silver screen debut and wasn’t going to butt heads with the higher-ups in production. So when they told him that a dance double would be required for the more technical moves his character performed in the infamous “angry dance” warehouse scene, he wasn’t happy but said nothing at the time. But now Bacon is speaking out about his feelings.

Said Bacon to, “Are you kidding? I was furious. It’s like a starting pitcher getting taken out of a game. No one wants to be told they can’t get the guy out.”

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He continued, “I had a stunt double, a dance double, and two gymnastics doubles. There were five of us in the [expletive] outfit, and I felt horrible.”

“I was frustrated, rightfully so. I used to say that there were too many guys dressed up like me. I had a big issue with that. I couldn’t do the flips. There was one guy who could do one kind of move, one guy that did another. But that was the reality of the situation,” he revealed in an interview several years ago with New York Magazine.

One thing he wouldn’t do was keep his mouth shut about the use of a double, even though he was told to.

He said, “When the movie came out, the studio told me to never mention that they used a double. While I was in no position to do this, I told them, ‘You are out of your mind!'”

Bacon does recall fondly the making of the movie, as he was relatively unknown when the movie premiered.

He revealed, “The energy, the hunger, the determination…it was cockiness really. I oozed it.”

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