Ringer preview: "The Poor Kids Do It Everyday"

Oct 18, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. ET

Ringer added another element of surprise with Gemma's murder last week. This week, someone has blood on their hands -- but who?

Did anyone see Gemma's murder coming onRinger? At least, that's what we think happened last week, what with Henry walking past a blood stained wall. Will "The Poor Kids Do It Everyday" give us any answers as to who did it?

It looked as though Bridget's number was up last week on Ringer, as Gemma prepared to shout the truth from the roof top.

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Just as we thought Gemma was getting ready to tell an unsuspecting Andrew the details of Bridget's betrayal -- she was as good as gone. But did Henry do it? It looked that way, but nothing is as it seems on Ringer.

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On this week's new episode, "The Poor Kids Do It Everyday," Bridget begins to wonder what happened to Gemma, while Andrew's unruly daughter, Juliet, starts a new school -- but not on the best of terms.

Check out a preview of "The Poor Kids Do It Everyday" and see if you can figure out what happened to Gemma...

The CW officially describes "The Poor Kids Do It Everyday" as the following: "When Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) cannot get in touch with Gemma (Tara Summers) she begins to wonder if something has happened between Gemma and Henry (Kristoffer Polaha). Juliet (Zoey Deutch) starts a new school, where she defends herself against the school bully and her teacher Mr. Carpenter (guest star Jason Dohring) comes to her rescue. Bridget asks Charlie (guest star Billy Miller) to do her a favor that could come back to haunt her, while Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) looks into Malcolm's (Mike Colter) disappearance."

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Head over to our comments section and sound off about what you think happened to Gemma. Did Henry kill her? Perhaps, she set him up. Only time will tell.

Photo courtesy of the CW