Charlie's Angels gets canceled, but it's not over yet…

Oct 14, 2011 at 6:58 p.m. ET

The Charlie's Angels reboot hit the fall 2011 season with more hype than just about any other new series -- and now it's one of the first to get the boot. Angels has stopped production, but there are still four more episodes to come on ABC.

ABC has made its first cut off the season: Ratings challenged Charlie's Angelshas been cancelled, as SheKnows predicted. Annie Ilonzeh, Minka Kelly and Rachel Taylor will continue to kick butt on ABC into November, but they're through shooting more episodes.

Charlie's Angels gets canceled by ABC

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Reboots have become go-tos on the big screen and small because they're based on proven commodities. Case in point, the original Charlie's Angels kicked butt from 1976 to 1981, so ABC had high hopes for their new formula, which brought the fashion, the action and Angels Kate Prince (Annie Ilonzeh), Eve French (Minka Kelly), Abby Sampson (Rachel Taylor) into the new millennium, along with a much studlier Bosley (Ramon Rodriguez).

We started seeing Charlie's Angels photos way back in March, but the hype really kicked in after ABC's up fronts in May. Unfortunately, the new Charlie's Angels didn't have the ingredients to live up to that hype -- or perhaps this is a case of revamp overload. Or hype overload... or both!

Whatever the cause, Charlie's Angels ended up premiering to a modest 8.7 million and just couldn't pick up steam. Though there was a small surge in the coveted 18-49 demo, the overall numbers continued to decline and now, after only four episodes, a network rep tells SheKnows that ABC has pulled the plug.

Charlie's Angels follows The Playboy Club and Free Agents as the third to fall in 2011, but it's not over yet.

Eight episodes were filmed and there are four left in the can, so ABC is going to run out the series. Charlie's Angels will continue to air Thursdays through Nov. 6, with a preemption scheduled for Oct. 27.

That means it's not really over. Just as Charlie gave his angels a second chance, ABC is giving the series four more episodes to make a mark. The network isn't saying that, and that outcome seems highly unlikely, but if the final four bring in good ratings, ABC will have to reconsider.

Image: ABC