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The Walking Dead comes alive for season two!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday — are you feeling squeamish yet?

It’s a zombie apocalypse — run for your life!

Okay, really it’s the characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead that are running from the zombies, but every time we see the grotesque pictures AMC releases — we can’t help but get a bit squirmy.

Don’t stare at the above picture for too long or your liable to have nightmares that we can’t be held responsible for.

When we last left the characters of The Walking Dead, they were smack in the middle of a “high-intensity” fight to stay alive.

The Walking Dead’s super-sized premiere>>

In season two, which features an action packed 90-minute premiere, the gang is still moving forward, facing even more danger than they thought possible.

AMC’s original series The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 16, and we’ve got a sneak peek to get you in the zombie mood …

If you didn’t catch season one, but you’re ready to dive into season two of AMC’s The Walking Dead, here’s the premise according to “Based on one of the most successful and popular comic books of all time, written by Robert Kirkman, AMC’s The Walking Dead captures the ongoing human drama following a zombie apocalypse.”

Walking dead season two first-look>>

Are you ready for more zombies? Tune into The Walking Dead’s 90-minute premiere of season two on AMC Sunday. The big premiere is the kick off of the network’s FearFest that leads up to Halloween.

Head over to our comments section and tell us — what you would do if you were a survivor of a zombie apocalypse?

Photo courtesy of AMC

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