Kelsey Grammer has a meltdown after Aussie TV interview

Oct 13, 2011 at 4:10 p.m. ET

Wondering how Kelsey Grammar is handling his divorce playing out on ,The Housewives of Beverly Hills and in the press? If this reported meltdown played as described -- not well!

Kelsey Grammer hit Australia to promote his new show Boss, but things didn't go as planned when he visited the morning show Sunrise. The Emmy-winner will open up about his ugly divorce from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality TV star Camille on an upcoming episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, but reportedly went ballistic after the Aussie hosts brought up the subject.

Kelsey Grammar's Aussie meltdown

Often when a news outlet lands a big interview, there are parameters, with juicy topics like breakups and weight changes ruled off limits. With his personal life a media circus of beef jerky slams and small penis digs, not to mention an all-out custody war with his ex Camille, Grammer is set to talk it out with Piers Morgan, but likely wants to keep the rest of his interviews professional these days. That wasn't to be the case on Sunrise.

First, the morning talk show introduced their guest with a reel that recounted his career, with clips from Cheers, Frasier, The Simpsons and X-Men, and then his personal drama, with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills footage of his breakup with Camille, followed by a clip of Grammer with his current wife, Kate Walsh.

As the intro closed, Grammer looked peeved, but seemed to laugh it off and roll with it. When the interview took an identical path, he looked less inclined to tolerate it, but he still kept his cool.

Then, after covering all the bases, host Natalie Barr broached the subject of his divorce. With another round of RHOBH clips running in split screen, she asked Grammer what it was like having the world watch his marriage disintegrate and to witness Camille's reactions on a reality show.

"It's bound to be what they do," he said. "In my mind, that was my parting gift to her, after a very difficult marriage and a very difficult decade. I thought, maybe, 'So long, and here's a little present for ya.''"

Grammer then let out an uncomfortable chuckle, but word is his laughter ended after the segment wrapped. The star apparently called producer Mark Beirne and unleashed a profanity-laced diatribe, according to a Herald Sun's unnamed source.

"You are a vile person ... a sick dog ... your life must be tragic ... I feel sorry for you," Grammer reportedly ranted.

Grammer on camera

Grammer isn't commenting on the report and SheKnows can't confirm what went down after cameras stopped rolling, but take a look at the interview and tell us what you think: Was he heading for a meltdown after this? If so, do you blame him?

Grammer tells his side of the story on Monday's Piers Morgan Tonight. Boss premieres Friday, Oct. 21 on Starz.

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Grammer is set to open up

about it all on Piers Morgan Tonight Monday,