Michelle Obama spills shopping secrets on Today

Oct 12, 2011 at 5:07 p.m. ET

You might expect that Michelle Obama would be recognized everywhere she went, however the First Lady told Al Roker on the Today show that she has learned how to shop incognito.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama made headlines when she shopped at a Virginia Target store without being noticed – that is, until the cashier recognized her as she was paying. While making an appearance on the Today show the First Lady told Al Roker that she likes to get out of the White House and run errands "as much as possible."

"I actually took [the family dog] Bo to Petco! The cashier asked me, 'Oh, what kind of dog is that?' I said, 'A Portuguese water dog.'" Obama said. "He didn't recognize us because he didn't expect that we would be in Petco."

How was she able to slip in and out of these stores without people noticing her entourage of Secret Service agents? For her recent Target trip, the Secret Service agents actually arrived at the store 30 minutes before she did. They weren't wearing suits, but were dressed casually so as not to draw attention. Michelle also arrived at the store dressed casually, wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses. She spent 30-40 minutes shopping, pushing her own cart and browsing through the aisles.

"They're looking right through you; they don't know it's me," she said. "People realize and it's amazing how people don't recognize you; they don't expect to see me at Starbucks or at Chipotle."

Michelle said that taking these shopping trips is good for her daughters, Malia and Sasha. "It helps to keep our lives normal," she said.

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Watch Michelle Obama talking about shopping incognito on Today:

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