Jenny McCarthy says her “hair was lit on fire” by bullies

Jenny McCarthy opens up to Ellen DeGeneres about how mean girls bullied her and tormented her throughout school — and even set her hair on fire.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is best-selling author, autism activist, actress and mom, but she recently told Ellen DeGeneres that her life wasn’t always so rosy. In fact, she was bullied and tormented in school.

“I would have girls wait for me outside of school with pipes, to beat me up,” she told DeGeneres on her talk show. “They were picking on me because their boyfriends would look at me on the way home.”

She said the bullying got worse, however she didn’t want to tell her mom or teachers because she didn’t want “anyone to think I was weak.”

“Then it got worse,” she remembers. “By the time I got to high school, the girls were throwing pies at my face, pulling out my hair, spitting on me. The worst part was when they lit my hair on fire on the bus.”

McCarthy definitely has the last laugh against the bullies with a fabulous career — and body! She recently had fun showing off her bikini bod on Two and a Half Men where she reprised her role as Charlie Sheen’s ex-girlfriend who wants to put her claws in Ashton Kutcher.

The actress continued her crusade against bullies today on twitter, writing: “Bullies are everywhere. Love my school, not the girls that beat me up.”

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Watch Jenny McCarthy talk to Ellen about bullying here:

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