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Rosie O’Donnell returns: Oprah shows up, Russell Brand brings the funny!

SheKnows was at the premiere of The Rosie Show and we’ve got all the dish on what went down.

Oprah, Russell Brand and a kick-ass house band. Rosie O’Donnell spared no expense for the premiere of The Rosie Show.

SheKnows was in the house for the premiere of The Rosie Show and here’s a few of our favorite moments from the debut.

The Rosie Show Premiere: The Scoop

Rosie O’Donnell’s opening standup “monologue” was probably our favorite moment of the show.

Her jokes touched on everything from her kids to her weight, and weren’t tired or stale in any way, shape or form. As Rosie put it, she showed up in a “Diane von Furstenberg schmatta and “Prada boots.” That’s a change for her because “Mama wears Crocs.”

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We also loved that she danced with half-naked dancers to a Broadway number introduced by Suze Orman — yes, she was in the audience. We could have done without the “Suze pretends not to be famous” gag, but other than that, it worked.

Another favorite moment from the premiere was Russell Brand, of course.

Not even Rosie O’Donnell can tame that man. The duo hysterically chatted about Brand’s three-time Shagger of the Year honor, while showing off the comedian/actor’s softer side with the Friendly House.

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Brand teamed up with Friendly House — a treatment center that helps women recovering from substance and alcohol abuse — to bring awareness to their mission.

Russell Brand was the perfect inaugural guest to kick off the show and Rosie O’Donnell provided the perfect blend of silly gab and informative Q&As.

His banter with a boy named Kyle who saved Rosie from being locked out of her house, might not have transfered well to the TV viewers compared to the audience because there was back story there before Russell brought him on stage — don’t judge that moment harshly if it fell a bit flat, since you didn’t see the whole story.

The show itself blends a combo of music, talk and games to keep the audience from getting bored. We’re waiting to get viewer feedback to see what you, the fans, thought.

Another small but nice moment was her game section. Her version of the Price is Right, “The Ro Game,” played at the end of the show, offered a chance for two audience members to go head-to-head for a prize, which happened to be a trip to Jamaica.

Here’s why we loved it: there were no flashy giveaways or surprise antics. She relied on her old school methods of talking with people who have something to say and left the flash at the door. We respect that about Ro. Okay, there was some confetti and cupcakes at the end of the show, but other than that, it was very simple.

Our last two Ro-tastic moments of The Rosie Show was when Oprah Winfrey showed up to congratulate her and when Rosie was brought to tears when the show ended. She was overcome with so much emotion over having this second chance at not only the show, but with her new girlfriend Michelle, that she announced she will marry again.

It was a special premiere, and it will be a fantastic journey to see how The Rosie Show, and Rosie O’Donnell, fare on OWN.

What did you think of the premiere of The Rosie Show? We want to hear from the viewers who watched it on TV compared to studio audience member.

Photo credit: Copyright 2011, Harpo, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Photographer: George Burns

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