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Netflix backtracks: one website, one account, one password

Netflix raised an uproar with price hikes and a company split, but now they’re backtracking. Subscribers have spoken and Netflix is clearly listening. Everything is staying the same.

The trouble for Netflix started this summer, after the movie and TV rental company lost its relationship with Starz and doubled the cost of their services. Netflix issued an apology and backtracked on the price hike in September, but that wasn’t enough to appease the masses. With members leaving in droves, stocks hurting and Facebook getting into the streaming game, Netflix has now promised to stay one company, while boasting the addition of more movies and TV to its streaming pool.

Netflix gives up: Split and price hike halted

“It is clear that for many of our members two websites would make things more difficult, so we are going to keep Netflix as one place to go for streaming and DVDs,” Netflix said in an email to subscribers. “This means no change: one website, one account, one password… in other words, no Qwikster. While the July price change was necessary, we are now done with price changes.”

The announcement goes on to reveal that Netflix has added some serious streaming to their site, including hundreds of movies from Paramount, Sony, Universal, Fox, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, MGM and Miramax and over 3,500 TV episodes from ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, USA, E!, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, ABC Family, Discovery Channel, TLC, SyFy, A&E, History and PBS.

Among hot new Netflix TV titles are The Walking Dead, Parenthood, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Borgia: Faith and Fear, Californication, Breaking Bad and The United States of Tara, but TV fans will also find classic faves like The Wonder Years and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The news has already done well for the company’s stock, which has been hit hard by the breakup and makeup drama, but is this enough to appease angered Netflix fans? Weigh in and tell SheKnows what you think.

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