Ben Stiller brings "blue steel" to SNL

Oct 10, 2011 at 1:28 p.m. ET

Ben Stiller brought out the big guns for the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. The actor slathered on hair gel, puckered his lips and gave us the fashion icon -- Zoolander.

Live from New York, it's Derek Zoolander! Last week, there were rumors that former Saturday Night Live star Eddie Murphy would make a guest appearance on the show. Unfortunately, he didn't but Ben Stiller's model alter ego did.

Ben Stiller as Zoolander on SNL

Zoolander is a cult character Ben Stiller created over 10 years ago for the feature film of the same name. The cameo-prone comedy takes place in the world of fashion with a focus on male models. Zoolander is one of the best and is known for striking a serious pose on the catwalk. His famous "looks," which include crowd pleasers "blue steel" and "magnum", are so powerful they can stop an international assassin in their tracks.

Over the past year, there have been several rumors surrounding a possible Zoolander sequel and his appearance on SNL added fuel to that fire. Stiller reprised the character during the Weekend Update segment of the show. He joined fellow eccentric Stephon (Bill Hader) to discuss Manhattan's popular night spots. The character was met with thunderous applause, which proved that even a decade later, Zoolander's still got it.

Also during Saturday's show, Hugh Jackman made a surprise appearance to promote his latest film Real Steel by dressing as Harry Potter. The Australian actor wore black-rimmed glasses, a tight-fitting suit and a '60s haircut to pull off his impersonation of an adult Daniel Radcliffe. Jackman and Zoolander were arguably the highlights of the show.

Check out Derek Zoolander's surprise appearance below.

Image credit: NBC