Puss in Boots star Salma Hayek says daughter wants to act

Salma Hayek, a.k.a. “Kitty Softpaws,” spills on why she chose the role and how her daughter Valentina wants to follow in her boot-steps.

It’s not so unusual for kids to want to take after their parents. So we were not surprised to hear that Puss in Boots star Salma Hayek‘s 4-year-old daughter Valentina wants to be an actress. What’s surprising is Salma’s response.

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“She told me two days ago, she was very serious looking out the window in the car, and she turned and said: ‘You know what mom, I want to be an actress, like now,'” Salma told us at the Puss in Boots junket.

“I said: ‘I don’t think that’s going to happen for a long time. Not while I’m in charge. You go to school, you finish school, and then we talk about it. Not on my watch.'”

With two extremely successful parents (Salma’s husband François-Henri Pinault is a wealthy French businessman), you might think this little Hollywood princess would be treated like royalty. Not so. Salma says she’s giving her daughter a very traditional upbringing.

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“I like to teach her things like chores and to help in the kitchen and make her bed,” said Salma. “I think it’s important to do those things. She’s becoming a really good helper. I’m very proud of her. She’s very organized, very neat.”

Still, the two do find time for fun. Salma said she likes to dance with her daughter, jump on the trampoline, and watch kid-friendly flicks, like Puss in Boots.

“She loves it,” said Salma of her recent role as Kitty Softpaws, “And let me tell you, she does not lie. She sometimes says I don’t like this movie, let’s not waste our time.”

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Salma says she picked the role because she is a big fan of the Shrek films, where the Puss character originated.

“I love the Shrek films,” she told SheKnows. “I think the fantastic thing is they really are for everyone, everyone will enjoy this film just as much.”

Puss in Boots hits theaters today.


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