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Beyonce breaks out baby bump in new video

Bootylicious Beyonce shakes it in her new video — and by “it” we mean both her booty and her baby bump. Now THIS is maternity wear!

The Countdown is on until Beyonce and Jay-Z welcome baby, but the bundle-to-be is already bouncing for the world in mama’s new video. After showing us who’s in charge with Run the World, Beyonce pays homage to cool women of the past in her brand new Countdown video. See how many iconic references you recognize, from Audrey Hepburn’s Funny Face to Jennifer Beals’ Flashdance.

Beyonce rocks her baby bump in Countdown video

Past meets present in Beyonce’s new video, which is bright, fun and features that Bob Fosse dance style she brought back with Single Ladies and even a chair dance, but everyone’s talking about what else the video shows off: the baby bump!

Now that Beyonce isn’t hiding her pregnancy anymore, she’s showing the world her new bump, though not excessively. There’s one ka-pow moment, where Beyonce turns to the side during a countdown to put the bump on display, but for most of the choreographed dancefest, you wouldn’t even know she’s pregnant. No baby is going to slow down this fashionista dancing machine!

With the Beyonce/Jay-Z baby due in February, it’s fun to see how the little bump has grown since the big VMA reveal. The sweetest moment, however, is that final shot in which a contented Beyonce takes a seat and flashes a smile. This hot-mama-to-be is working on the most important project of her career, and it seems she’s enjoying it.

Beyonce’s Countdown Video

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Image: Beyonce

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