How Glee's Jane Lynch came out to her parents

Oct 7, 2011 at 1:47 p.m. ET

Jane Lynch told Chelsea Handler how she came out to her parents.

Jane Lynch

One of the hardest days of a gay person's life is when he or she makes the big announcement to the parents. Jane Lynch of Glee told Chelsea Handler all about her coming out experience -- and how her parents reacted.

"I was distanced from my parents," Lynch said during her appearance last night on Chelsea Lately. "And I felt very, very separate from them."

The now 51-year-old Lynch says she shared those feelings of isolation with her therapist, who encouraged her to write them down in a letter she would never have to send.

"So I wrote them a letter pouring my heart out," she said -- but then the therapist had something for her, just in case.

"They give you a stamp and an envelope after you write it!"

"This was now 12 years later from when I was 18... [their reaction] might have been different if I was 18. They had heard of gay people at this point!" Lynched joked.

So what was their reaction? Luckily it was warm fuzzies all around!

"They were great," a relieved Lynch told Handler. "They really embraced me."

Jane Lynch married Lara Embry last year. Watch her play the dastardly cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on Glee -- and while you're at it, pick up her new book "Happy Accidents", in stores now.

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