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Michael Jackson tape played at trial: “I hurt

A new tape of Michael Jackson talking about his concert tour was played at Conrad Murray’s manslaughter trial.

Michael Jackson

A shocking new audio tape was played in court Wednesday in which Michael Jackson talks about how he wants to help kids because he had no childhood of his own — and much like the last tape, Jackson slurred his way through the entire thing.

The taped conversation between the pop star and Dr. Conrad Murray reveals how Jackson’s dreams for the future were tragically cut short.

“I’m taking that money, a million children, children’s hospital, the biggest in the world, Michael Jackson’s Children’s Hospital,” Jackson told Murray. “Gonna have a movie theater, game room. Children are depressed. The — in these hospitals, no game room, no movie theater. They’re sick because they’re depressed. Their mind is depressing them. I want to give them that. I care about them, them angels. God wants me to do it. God wants me to do it. I’m gonna do it, Conrad.”

“Don’t have enough hope, no more hope,” he continued with Murray’s encouragement. “That’s the next generation that’s gonna save our planet — starting with — we’ll talk about it. United States, Europe, Prague, my babies. They walk around with no mother. They drop them off, they leave — a psychological degradation of that. They reach out to me — please take me with you.”

“I’m gonna do that for them,” he repeated after prompting from Murray. “They will be remembered more than my performances. My performances will be up there helping my children and always be my dream. I love them. I love them because I didn’t have a childhood. I had no childhood. I feel their pain. I feel their hurt. I can deal with it. Heal the World, We Are the World, Will You Be There, The Lost Children. These are the songs I’ve written because I hurt, you know I hurt.”

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Thirteen seconds pass before Murray asks Jackson if he is okay. Another eight seconds pass before Jackson answers, “I am asleep.”

Jackson is believed to have been under the influence of drugs provided by Murray at the time the tape was made.

If convicted of manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray faces four years in prison.

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