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Hugh Jackman: Great right hook, fabulous voice and the biceps of Wolverine

Broadway, musicals and voice lessons…

With all this singing and dancing, in addition to his hefty Wolverine workouts, Jackman has decided that he also needs to have a singing lesson once a week in order to keep his voice muscles properly tuned. “If Pavarotti had to have a voice lesson once a week, then I need one, too,” he says. Anything you say, Mr. Jackman.

Hugh Jackman

If Wolverine tells you he needs a voice lesson, he needs a voice lesson. Sheknows sat down with the talented stage performer, singer and cinematic actor to find out how this Australian hottie pleases so many ladies by taking off his shirt even though he doesn’t have to.

Shirtless: To be or not to be…?

SheKnows: You take your shirt off in this movie… thankfully. But was that in the script? Whose idea was it?

Hugh Jackman: I said to Shawn [the director], “I can’t tell you how much crap I get for taking [my shirt off.]” People say, “Is this in your contract? Do you have to have your shirt off?” and I’m like, ugh.

SheKnows: I understand you tried not to take your shirt off?

Hugh Jackman: So, we went through things, seriously. In the boxing sequence, you see I have a hoodie on. Or, I always have a T-shirt on. And that one scene [where I take my shirt off] was written, I kind of forgot about it, as did Shawn. It was written, I remember in the script, it said, “Charlie drops his bag, he changes because let’s not forget he has one bag of clothing and he lives in a truck. So, he changes wherever he is.” I thought, yeah, that’s good to show that.

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