The Flaming Lips release six hour single - will you listen?

Oct 4, 2011 at 9:03 p.m. ET

The Flaming Lips are putting their music to work, testing our listening capacity and raising money for charity. Are you ready for a long listen?

The Flaming Lips have recorded a six-hour song in the name of charity. "Found a Star on the Ground" runs over 360 minutes and has some very unique lyrics -- it incorporates the names of fans who donated money to two of the band's favorite charities.

The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips put out an offer to fans willing to donate $100 to benefit a pair of their hometown charities: the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. Then the rock stars got Sean Lennon in on the gig, enlisting the musician to read off the names of the generous donors on the lengthy track.

"Found a Star on the Ground" was recorded over four weeks, originating as a 25-minute experiment and evolving into a work over a dozen times its original length. Current stats reveal the band has raised over $20,000 with the project, which will be split equally between the charities.

Los Angeles Times reports:

The trick is how to listen to it, as it would require an five-CD set to accommodate the full length. So the band has made it available with what's called the "Strobo Trip," a multi-sensory device that's being alternately described as "A Light and Audio Phase Illusions Toy." It will include "Found a Star on the Ground" as well as two other new tracks, "Butterfly, How Long It Takes to Die" and "Evil Minds," which the band promises is "much shorter" than "Found a Star."

In the works is another work set to blow The Flaming Lips' six-hour song out of the water. A press release for the band reveals, "At this time, we can confirm the rumors of a single 24-hour-long song are indeed insane and absolutely true. The Lips are recording the track this month."

Does either the "Strobo Trip" or the six hour song by The Flaming Lips pique your interest?

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