Glee recap: The Asian F and the return of the Diva-off!

Oct 4, 2011 at 10:00 p.m. ET

Gleeks got a glimpse of Mike Chang's parents this week on an all-new episode of Glee.

Glee is two for two, with a follow up to last week's episode that put the show back on track!

Santana is back in the glee club, Emma's parents showed up, and Mike Chang got an Asian F. That's only half of what happened on Glee's "Asian F" this week. Keep reading to see what else went down.

Glee: An asian f just won't do

Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) got an A- this week, which is equivilant to an Asian F, and Mike Chang Sr. was not having it! The only option to get Mike Chang back on track was to forbid him to be in the New Directions.

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After a lot of conflict, and even more sweet loving from Tina, Mike auditioned for the musical -- and get this, he sang! We've seen Mike Chang hit a few notes here and there, but he was "real cool" this week!

Like every parent, Mike's mom confronted him about auditioning for the musical and he busted out a move for his mama and in a not very climatic may, she understood his dreams. It's a good thing she did, because he got the part of Riff in the end. We can forgive that non-payoff because of the rest of the episode.

glee: it's time for a diva-off!

Mercedes (Amber Riley) has a new boyfriend and he whispered sweet nothings in her ear about taking Rachel (Lea Michele) down for the part of Maria in the school music.

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Oh yeah, it's on! The best part of Glee returned! The Diva-off! Merecdes isn't living under Rachel's spotlight anymore and surprise, surprise she sang Jennifer Hudson's Spotlight for her original audition to prove she's a "leading lady."

With the competition too close to call it was time for the Diva-off. With an episode dripping of Mercedes and her attitude, it all came down to the big moment.

Rachel and Merecedes went voice-to-voice with Out Here On My Own, and while it was simple, it was powerful in a way that brought us back to the heart of Glee and why we rooted for these characters back in season one.

Rachel panicked after seeing how well Mercedes did and announced she was running against Kurt (Chris Colfer) for class president to give her a college edge in case she doesn't get the part of Maria -- cue the Kurt and Rachel drama.

Despite Maria being double cast, Mercedes backed down because she wasn't about to share the part with Rachel. Guess where she went? Shelby's new group!

honorable mention: brittany and Emma

Brittany (Heather Morris) donned some leather and garters to gain her presidential votes this week -- girl power! If we really got to vote, Brittany would have our support just for the hot rendition of Run The World (Girls) she wiped the floor with!

Emma's parents, who happen to have an affection for redheads only, finally met Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) and boy, they were crazy. They actual call Emma "Freaky Deeky" -- however you spell that.

"Asian F" got us excited for more Glee!

Here's what we have to look forward to: The division over who to vote for now that Rachel, Kurt and Brittany are running for president, Mercedes and her new path, Shelby's new group and the actual musical. Oh, let's not forget Quinn (Dianna Agron) and her mission to get Beth back!

It's about to get Glee up in here!

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