James Franco's father dead at 63

Oct 4, 2011 at 7:40 p.m. ET

James Franco is mourning the sudden death of his father, Doug Franco.

Some really sad news coming from James Franco's family: the actor's father, Doug Franco, died suddenly last week at 63, his mother confirmed on Twitter.

James Franco father dead at 63

"It is true that my sweet, generous husband passed away. He gave so much to his three sons and me, and to many other people, too," Betsy Franco wrote on Twitter. Doug Franco had two sons in addition to James -- actor Dave Franco and Tom Franco, an artist.

The Yale student brought both of his parents with him when he hosted this year's Academy Awards ceremony with Anne Hathaway. Franco talked about how his father -- a manager for a nonprofit and a shipping container company -- always encouraged him to live up to his potential and get good grades. The actor excelled in mathematics and scored high on his SATs. However, the actor chose to rebel at the time.

"In my first two years of high school I got into a lot of trouble with the police for minor things: graffiti, stealing, crashing cars. It was teen angst. I was uncomfortable in my own skin," he said.

Eventually, Franco grew out of his wild ways and evolved into the actor he is today.

"He's very supportive," Franco said of his father.

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Our thoughts go out to James Franco and his family.

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