Evangeline Lilly wants another baby already

Oct 4, 2011 at 3:41 p.m. ET

Evangeline Lilly has been busy playing an elf while filming the latest installment of The Hobbit, but the new mom says she'd rather be getting busy making babies!

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly's baby boy is only a few months old but already the actress wishes to be pregnant again. If only The Hobbit filming wasn't underway!

"My son is wonderful. He is amazing!" the 32-year-old actress gushed to US Weekly about her 4-month-old son, whose name has yet to be revealed. "Motherhood is a joy! I have dreamed about being a mother since I was 12 years old and there's nothing disappointing about it."

Sharing that her experience has been "more incredible than you can imagine" Evangeline Lilly continues, "I think everything I say about motherhood sounds so cliche, but it's true."

On the subject of another baby she says enthusiastically, "If I wasn't working right now, I'd probably be pregnant again!"

In recent months the commute to work for Evangeline Lilly has been an astounding 4,600 miles of flight from her home in Hawaii to The Hobbit set in New Zealand. The commitment of taking on a role with such time consuming filming demands turned out to be a blessing for the actress.

"It worked out well," says the new mom, pictured here at the Real Steel premiere. "For a lot of actors, being that tied down would be problematic for their careers because they wouldn't have the freedom to take any other part in the meantime."

She continues, "For me it's perfect because I want to have time to spend with my family and relax and focus on my writing. This role gives me a framework within which to do that because I'm not working all the time but I'm working enough. When you're not working at all, you get lost in space and time and don't accomplish anything. It's a flexible work environment and I don't have to be estranged from my family."

We can hardly wait to see her in The Hobbit -- or to find out Evangeline Lilly's baby's name!

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