Alexis Stewart has a potty mouth

Oct 4, 2011 at 12:15 p.m. ET

Alexis Stewart may have written a tell-all about mom Martha, but it's her potty mouth that gets her the most attention! Stewart is well known for cussing a blue streak and her outspoken ways differ her from her prim and proper mother.

Alexis Stewart

Alexis Stewart has stated on more than one occasion that it was difficult growing up with Martha Stewart as a mother. The level of perfectionism that Martha expected from her daughter was impossible to achieve, so Alexis stated in her book she didn't even try.

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How she made her mark was by being the anti-Martha. Where her mother was always ladylike and demure on television, Alexis made a career of being bleeped time and again on her television series Whatever Martha and Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer.

The premiere of Whatever Martha was a tongue-in-cheek delivery by Alexis and Jennifer, longtime friends, as they made fun of old Martha Stewart Living episodes and attempted to create one of Martha's crafts or cooking project to see how difficult it was to complete. More than once, Alexis' off-color comments had to be bleeped from the cable show and she soon gained a reputation for stating her mind, whether it was allowed on television or not.

After the show moved to the Hallmark Channel, it was renamed Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer, but the "honesty" from its co-host continued. Finally, when the show moved to Sirrius Radio, Alexis was given a bit more liberty but still had to be reined in by her not-as-colorful co-host.

Just this past June, Stewart concluded her run on Whatever.

Several people have called Stewart out for her raucous behavior, including designer and Project Runway host Tim Gunn in his book, Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making it Work.

Gunn stated of Alexis, "One of the angriest people I've ever met. [She] kept cursing under her breath in anticipation of her mother coming, almost as if she had Tourette's Syndrome. I was so horrified by how she treated her mother in front of a lot of people. Good heavens, you're an adult!"

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