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HBO teaches us how to Make It In America

How To Make It In America kicked off its second season on HBO Sunday, Oct. 2 but can it fill the hole left by the popular vehicle Entourage? Better yet, is it worth thinking it can?

Entourage signed off of HBO and some are now making comparison to the network’s show How To Make It In America and whether or not it can help fill the void. Nothing can fill the elder’s void, so it might be wise to let season two of How To Make It In America stand on its own.

Season two of How To Make It In America debuted on Sunday, and we’re not sure if it’s because the buzz hyped it up to being the “next” Entourage before the series even debuted season one, but many are already whispering about the show’s potential to fill Entourage’s void.

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It’s not going to happen, but just to appease those who wonder, here’s the breakdown of the comparison…

How To Make It In America features young men, minus the hassle of kids and steady relationships, trying to make it big in New York.

Entourage featured Los Angeles, with the story loosely based on Mark Wahlberg’s experience in the Hollywood scene.

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Similar, yes, but the feel is a different entity all together, so putting the hype on the newer program isn’t quite fair. For one, the Entourage gang was living the life, while the story in How To Make It In America focuses on obtaining the life.

Entourage captured viewers quickly, and while How To Make It In America’s first season might not have instantly grabbed viewers, we don’t believe it was because there wasn’t room for it. It was eight episodes, making it hard to invest in.

They’re two totally different shows and there was room for both when How To Make It In America kicked off its first season and there will be room now in the second season — but not just because Entourage is gone. It won’t fill the void because it’s not the same show.

We want to know what you think about How To Make It In America.

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