Melissa McCarthy brings down the house on Saturday Night Live

Oct 3, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. ET

Straight off of her big Emmy win last month, Melissa McCarthy hit the Saturday Night Live stage, providing big laughs and garnering even bigger praise.

Live from New York, it's Melissa McCarthy! Melissa McCarthy proved she's got dancing legs and she wasn't afraid to use them, during her monologue on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. She gave Kristen Wiig a run for her money! Read on to catch a few other standout moments from the show.

The Emmy-winning star of Mike & Molly hit the SNL stage Saturday, Oct. 1, letting loose with some wild and crazy sketches. Here are our top three sidesplitting standouts...

Melissa McCarthy glammed-it-up as Lulu Diamonds, a Vaudeville star with the best catch phrase in town -- "Why don't you come upstairs and see me up there sometime?" No, people, that was not a typo on our end -- that was her catch phrase. Watch the glamorous Lulu Diamonds take a few tumbles down the stairs...

Our number two moment of the show was the Lawrence Welk cold open. It's autumn, and what better way to celebrate than by putting Melissa McCarthy into the Lawrence Welk cold open sketch -- as the sister of a hysterical character? See for yourself...

Our number one moment has to be the salad dressing sketch! Melissa McCarthy as a dowdy taste tester for salad dressing is funny, but add in her determination to win the comment of the day prize and you've got yourself a hilarious sketch! Check it out...

What did you think of Melissa McCarthy's Saturday Night Live hosting skills? Did she bring the funny and leave you wanting more or did she fall flat?

A few Hollywood stars chimed in with praise over McCarthy's hosting success.

Judd Apatow tweeted, "I think Melissa McCarthy in the office with the balloons on SNL made me laugh harder than anything this year or decade. The stairs too."

Christina Applegate tweeted, "Melissa McCarthy was pure bliss hosting SNL last night. Way to go lady!!"

The list continued as the tweets kept coming in! Congrats Melissa! Head over to the comments area and sound off! We want to know your thoughts!

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