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Elisabetta Canalis fesses up to Eminem tattoo

Elisabetta Canalis either has a thing for rose armband tattoos or she’s trying to cover up an error from her youth. After being put under pressure, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant finally comes clean.

Elisabetta Canalis tattoo

Elisabetta Canalis has an Eminem tattoo? You’d better believe it. The 33-year-old has been trying to keep a regretful choice made 12 years ago under wraps but has been found out! For a close-up of the tattoo, see the photo below.

The ex-girlfriend of actor George Clooney has been sporting an armband of roses to try and hide her Eminem tattoo. The truth was flushed out Thursday during the actress’ visit to Access Hollywood Live.

Host Billy Bush inquired about Elisabetta Canalis’ Eminem tattoo, and she initially insisted it was all a rumor, refusing to let him inspect her arm up close. But when he persisted, she held out her arm and stated, “It’s roses…”

True, it is currently roses by what’s underneath? Billy Bush inspected the arm of the recently eliminated Dancing With the Stars beauty and read out loud, “E-M-i-n-e-m,” much to the embarrassment of his guest.

Elsiabetta Canalis confessed, “OK, I was 21 and I wanted to do exactly the same tattoo that this singer had, because you’re a little bit dumb maybe sometimes at 21 and I did it, but I covered it.”

Elisabetta Canalis Eminem tattoo











You know, the cover up really makes it hard to tell. An “E” is maybe visible but if you hadn’t heard the rumor ahead of time would you really notice?

Still, tattoo removal is pretty common these days. Perhaps it’s time for Elisabetta Canalis to consider erasing instead of covering up!

What do you think of Elisabetta Canalis’ Eminem tattoo?

Image via WENN

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