Jersey Shore recap: “Three Men and a Snooki

After last week’s episode where Snooki screamed helplessly, “Where is my boyfriend?” fans of Jersey Shore were treated to an entire episode of Snooki trying desperately to forget her boyfriend. Add a pregnancy scare and some Vinny naughtiness and you have the jist of last night’s episode, “Three Men and A Snooki“.

Jionni and Snooki

Snooki brought on the heartbreak and about as many tears as one viewer could take during last night’s episode of “Three Men and a Snooki” on Jersey Shore.

Still grieving over boyfriend Jionni’s abandonment, Snooki leaned on the girls of the house to get her over her pain. Jenni finally tracked Jionni down, who had left Florence at the end of the last show, to return to the U.S. He agreed to meet Snooki at the train station, and although they made up, Jionni still had to leave Italy, as he had already changed his ticket to do so.

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Pauly, Deena and Ronnie went to work at the pizza store, but Deena was dismayed when she found out that the job entailed more than just making pies. She was expected to do manual labor as well. When her boss asked her to clean the bathroom, she said, “These nails, these hands, they don’t clean toilets.”

Meanwhile, after work, Pauly and Vinny decided to prank poor Deena once again, by piling her bed with a couch, a chair and all her belongings. Prank rules of the house state that if you get pranked, you have to clean it up and Deena soon found herself pinned underneath the sofa she had taken off her bed.

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Later that evening, the group went to a club so Snooki could feel better, after a conversation with Jionni where he said,”You’re drunk seven days a week, you’re hooking up with girls and you tell me you’re not being yourself?” She decided she needed a break from his controlling ways and out the door she went, dressed to the nines and determined to have a good time.

While at the club, Deena confessed to Jenni she thought she might be pregnant because she missed her period. In the middle of the night, Jenni found a pharmacy that was willing to sell her a pregnancy test, which Deena took as soon as they got home. Thankfully, she found out she wasn’t pregnant.

The next day, Snooki told everyone she was homesick for Jersey and wanted to recreate their favorite club, Karma, in the living room. Everyone dressed up and started dancing, drinking and partying like they were in familiar territory. Mike and Snooki were flirting, and he later confessed to her that he loved her more than as a friend. He said, “I’ll give you anything you want. I don’t like the way your guy treats you.”

The night ended with Team Meatball, Snooki and Deena, climbing into Vinny and Pauly’s beds for some snuggling. Pauly, although he loves Deena as a friend, made her leave the bed. Vinny on the other hand, did not ask Snooki to leave and the two smooshed as the episode came to a halt.

And how was your week?

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