Conrad Murray asked bodyguard to ditch Michael Jackson’s drugs

Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard delivered a huge blow to Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense team by admitting he hid the medicine that killed his boss.

Conrad Murray in trouble after bodyguard testimony

Witnesses in the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial have dropped a bunch of bombshells this week, including a photo of Michael Jackson right after his death and that his children witnessed Murray performing CPR on the dying star.

Another big revelation came to light today: Former MJ bodyguard Alberto Alvarez told prosecutors that he hid vials of propofol under Murray’s direction before emergency personnel arrived at Jackson’s rented home.

“(Murray) reached over and grabbed a handful of vials, and reached out to me and said, ”Here put these in a bag,” Alvarez told jurors of the frantic minutes before ambulances arrived.

“I looked towards my right, and there was a plastic (grocery-style) bag on the chair. I opened it, and he placed the vials in the bag. He proceeded to instruct me: ‘No, place that bag in a brown bag,'” Alvarez said

Murray then instructed him to hide a saline bag filled with propofol hanging on an IV stand. “When I took it off, he instructed me to put it in a blue bag,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez said he did what the doctor said because of his position of authority.

“I believed Dr. Conrad Murray had the best intentions for Mr. Jackson,” he said. “I didn’t question his intentions at the time. I knew it was a medical emergency … I thought we were packing, getting ready to go to the hospital.”

Prosecutors claim that Murray abandoned Jackson for more than 20 minutes after he noticed the King of Pop was in distress. The defense team claims that Jackson injected himself with the lethal cocktail that killed him almost instantly.

Murray, 58, faces more than four years in prison if convicted.

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