David Arquette reveals girlfriend to Howard Stern

David Arquette can’t keep anything from Howard Stern, including his new girlfriend who has an infamous ex-husband in the adult entertainment industry.

David Arquette has a history of over-sharing to Howard Stern, and his recent appearance proved no different. Stern probed Arquette about his new girlfriend (and her famous ex-husband) — and why his ex-wife Courteney Cox’s has been in the audience every week during his Dancing with the Stars appearances.

David Arquette and Christina McLarty

“We’re in the friend zone now,” Arquette insisted, saying Cox knows he has a new girlfriend.

He wouldn’t say who his new gal pal was at first, only saying she lives in New York and they have been Skyping regularly.

“It’s Barbara Walters,” Arquette joked.

Stern pushed and pushed — and eventually Arquette gave in and said he was dating entertainment reporter Christina McLarty.

If McLarty’s name sounds familiar it is because she was briefly married to Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis. The couple split last November after being married only seven weeks.

“She’s adorable. I’m not one to run around with different girls. I like someone that makes me feel good and that I can make feel good,” he said. “We try to see each other as much as possible.”

Arquette also revealed that he thinks pro dancer Lacey Schwimmer (who is paired up with Chaz Bono) is “one of the sexiest girls on the show.”

Photo: WENN