Movie review: What’s Your Number?

Sep 29, 2011 at 7:15 p.m. ET

When Anna Faris gives up her digits in What’s Your Number?, our favorite blonde funny girl has to deal with the consequences in this adorable romantic comedy starring Chris Evans.

It used to be age, then it was weight, and now ladies, we're having folks ask us our "number." Seriously. I'm talking about the number of sexual partners, up until now, that you've had. How many? That's what people are asking. Yeah, that number.

Anna Faris in What's Your Number

It's not the kind of information a woman typically offers up to anyone. There's really no good answer. Too high means, well… we won't go there. And, too low... it's almost worse than too high. Judgment is everywhere, no matter what number you have.

So, it's better left unsaid, right? Not for Anna Faris' character Ally Darling in the new romantic comedy, What's Your Number? This movie is about how to take your love life by the reins when your sex life is out of control.

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Based on the book, 20 Times a Lady, by Karyn Bosnak, the film tracks a responsible working woman, who in most areas of her life, has it all figured out. That is, until she does a little math and calculates that if she sleeps with just one more guy, her chances of finding Mr. Right fly out the window.

As the theory goes – or so the movie says -- a woman who has slept with more than 20 men in her life has less of a chance of finding a mate than those who haven't. That means Anna Faris has to stop right there. She's already at 20.

So the only way for her to find a man is to go back to one she has already met. Taking her fate into her own hands, this can-do gal must track down all her ex-boyfriends, hoping one of the 20 will somehow suddenly have become the man of her dreams.

Anna Faris

It seems like it would be easy to track down one's ex-lovers in today's Facebooking, Googling society of pure internet bliss, no? Well… it's not as easy as it seems. Not for our gal. Anna Faris intertangled with hot guy Chris Evans in mindless discourse that's just fun, fun, fun.

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Evans plays the super hot next door neighbor who is particularly good at tracking down missing persons. He also happens to be a major player. Of course. He agrees to help Faris if – and only if -- she lets him hide in her apartment from his ex-girlfriends. Seems like an easy enough arrangement… until things take a turn and these two start falling for each other. We were hoping that would happen!

Anna Faris

But now we're knee deep in finding some of the ex-lovers, and some of them aren't half bad. In fact, some of them are a little bit en fuego to be exact. For example, Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Dave Annable. Where have these hotties been hiding?

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But that's not even the half of it. Funnier versions of the would-be hot guy include Joel McHale (some of the stuff he does is downright sickening), Anna Faris' real life husband Chris Pratt (we're falling in love with him all over again – Moneyball!), Anthony Mackie (LOL funny!– look for him in Real Steel this fall, and quite the looker too, Mr. New Orleans) and Martin Freeman (uh… Hot Fuzz, remember it?). Even Andy Samberg makes an appearance.

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What's Your Number?

This complicates things for Ms. Faris and Mr. Evans. And, we love complications. Especially when they deal with romance. Anna plows through her list of exes with nothing but good intentions and this creates some of the film's funniest moments. Evans grows increasingly more fond of Faris as the wedding of her sister -- the event she desparately wants to bring a date to -- looms on the horizon.

Supporting characters include Anna's sister, played by Ari Graynor and her mother, played by the hilarious Blythe Danner. They are certainly all up in her business and not making this any easier.

Left with more choices than she ever thought she'd have, Anna Faris must decide if it's anyone's business just how many guys she's slept with and whether it matters when finding the man of her dreams. Regardless of the outcome, it's food for thought for the rest of the female population who will hopefully discover that whatever the digit may be, it only matters if you want it to.

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BOTTOM LINE: At once funny and endearing, What's Your Number? is the perfect flick for a girls' night out.

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