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Glee recap: “I Am Unicorn

Glee kicked off its second episode of the season, “I Am Unicorn,” this week and here’s what you missed…

Booty camp, baby Beth and unicorns — that’s what went down on Glee.

We wanted character on Glee and we sure got it this week on “I Am Unicorn.” Here’s our breakdown of the moments that made us gleek out.

Glee: Shelby returns

Shelby (Idina Menzel) returned and took a spot on Quinn’s (Dianna Agron) bad side right from the get-go. Her demand to Quinn was to straighten up and be a part of baby Beth’s life. No one tells Quinn what to do — at least for the moment.

Instead of losing the bad pink hair, she teamed up with Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) to film a documentary that proves the “arts” ruined her life — a.k.a., it was Sue’s continual torment of the glee club.

Seems nobody wanted to be friends with Shelby. She got the sour face from Rachel (Lea Michele) too — until she offered her audition advice for the musical. Cue the mother/daughter duet of Somewhere.

After seeing a photo of baby Beth and Puck, the old Quinn reappeared — but it appears it’s a trick for her to gain full custody of Beth and rip her away from Shelby. Uh-oh!


Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) announced he can’t focus on the school’s upcoming musical and prep the New Directions for Nationals at the same time, so he’s recruited a team to direct the musical (West Side Story) — Coach Beiste, Emma and Artie.

That’s not all — it’s booty camp time. There’s no rest for the bad dancers. Mike Chang was tasked at leading the kids through booty camp after school.

Rachel and Kurt (Chris Colfer) auditioned for the musical (which Shelby helped her with) with hopes of getting the leads so they’ll further their college mission – – but not everyone was convinced Kurt could play a guy from the streets like Tony in West Side Story.

Best line ever: “He owned that song like it was his prison bitch.”

After hearing the gossip, Kurt realized his quest for the lead crossed with his class president campaign, which was being run by Brittany who based it off of unicorns and cotton candy dreams.

In Kurt’s words, it was all “too gay.” So, what did he do? Tried to toughen up his audition! But this is Kurt and he can’t ditch his “unicorn” ways. Get this though – -Brittany is now running for president because she realized she’s also a unicorn — or “bi-corn.”

That wasn’t Kurt’s only run of bad luck. Blaine auditioned as the perfect Tony for West Side Story.

Who will get the role? You’ll have to keep watching

What did you think of this week’s Glee?

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