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Elisabetta Canalis says she’s ready to date again

Once known as the arm candy of life-long bachelor George Clooney, Elisabetta Canalis is earning a name for herself in her own right and telling SheKnows all about her life post A-list relationship.

Elisabetta Canalis breezed into the Dancing With The Stars rehearsal studio with damp hair, minimal makeup and a laid back ‘tude.

If you were jealous of her for dating George Clooney, you’ll definitely feel green-eyed seeing the actress/model/host looking stunning at 9 a.m. sans the DWTS styling team.

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On dating

Elisabetta is quick to win over even the most competitive females with her effervescent personality. The Italian beauty was all smiles and laughs as she told us how she’s moving on since her highly publicized spilt.

“I hope to date very soon,” Elisabetta told us. “You can pass on my number.”

Elisabetta says she doesn’t necessarily have a type and likes a man with a little mystery.

“I think what I was looking for was not right actually if I’m single right now,” she told SheKnows. “You can never tell what you’re looking for. A person has to surprise me.”

And she says her past relationships have shaped what she wants out of the next one.

“I’m a little bit tougher,” said Elisabetta. “When you’re growing up, you want to change and adapt your personality to the person you are with. That’s a mistake a lot of women do. But now that I’m grown up and I’m becoming much more independent, I really want somebody who accepts my personality more.”

The future

For now though, the only man in Elisabetta’s life (besides her DWTS partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy) is her dog, Piero.

“He’s like the playboy of the building,” she told us. “He chases all the girls. My other dog is a little girl. Her name is Mia. She is very lazy. But I love them. They travel with me every time.”

When she’s not dancing or walking her “kids,” Elisabetta spends her time perfecting her English, something the press has made quite a commotion about.

“I’m just working on my accent and on my grammar,” she told us. “I want to have more fluid English.”

This will help with her acting career, should she choose to pursue more American roles in the future.

“I like action movies,” she told us. “I’m really focused on Dancing With The Stars. If this show will bring me something else in the future, I’d be happy. It would be wonderful.”

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Despite media reports that Elisabetta’s desire for marriage is what ended things with Clooney, she told us she’s really not looking to settle down right now.

“I would just like limitless relationships,” she says. “I don’t want to find a man and have kids right away. But things come step by step. I’m not looking for somebody to have kids. No way.”

We hope she finds what she’s looking for. Speaking of looking, isn’t Val single?

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