Sting says he’s not a good dad

Sting says he is not a good dad because of his musician lifestyle.

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You’d think a guy like Sting would be a pretty rad dad, right? Not according to him.

The rocker says that his crazy musician lifestyle prevents him from being there for his six kids as often as he would like.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a good dad,” he told The Observer. “You know, I’m a traveling musician rather than a dad. But I take my job seriously and when they need to talk to me or need a shoulder to cry on, I’m definitely there for them.”

“My family have sort of learned to deal with it — they understand it’s what Dad does. I get anxious being still. It’s really a discipline to settle down.”

Sting also says he is not a big fan of babies, but older kids are okay.

“And as they get older, their problems become more interesting. Young kids, I’m not that keen on, but as they get older you can actually talk to them, about relationships, about the meaning of life — now that’s fun.”

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Speaking of that crazy travel schedule, Sting just popped into the iheartradio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday to perform Stand By Me and King of Pain with none other than Lady Gaga.

“Sting is one of my very favorite people in the world,” Gaga said before the performance. “When I started in this business, I started to meet really amazing, incredible musicians, like real legends, but they’re not always very nice. But Sting is one of the most kind and loving people I’ve ever met.”

Catch Sting this fall on his Back to Bass tour of North American theaters in support of his box set Sting: 25 Years.

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