Tareq Salahi denies divorce is a “publicity stunt

Tareq Salahi sat down with Matt Lauer to talk about his split from Michaele Salahi.

Tareq Salahi Michaele Salahi

A tearful Tareq Salahi had a lot to say to Matt Lauer on Today this morning, detailing his betrayal by his uber-groupie wife Michaele Salahi with the couple’s longtime friend, Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

To accusations this whole thing is a publicity stunt by this attention-starved couple, Tareq said, “I wish Ashton Kutcher would jump around this corner and say, ‘You’ve been Punk’d. We’re playing with you. We’re messing with you.'”

The cuckolded husband says he had no idea the pair was carrying on behind his back — in fact, he thought things were great.

“Great things were happening,” Tareq said. “There were new contracts, new offers coming in. We were on a comeback, if you will.

“I didn’t know Michaele had a double life: I had no idea.”

“Our marriage was beautiful — it was perfect in our view. I just didn’t know she had this double life. I had no idea she would say one thing to me and lie to me. I didn’t know she’s been chatting this whole time with Neal.”

“This is not the Michaele I knew!” Tareq lamented. “I don’t know who she is right now.”

Since Michaele Salahi disappeared in what turned out to be her escape from her marriage, the Salahi’s dog died and Tareq had to cancel a planned MS benefit at which Michaele was scheduled to perform. Michaele describes her new romance as a fairy tale.

Watch Tareq Salahi talk with Matt Lauer on Today:

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