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Glee preview: “I Am Unicorn

Season three of Glee kicked off last week and while it was good fun, we’re still waiting to see the character development we were promised. On to this week we go…

Are you gleeking out over season three so far?

Sue’s (Jane Lynch) running full force with her congressional run, Quinn dyed her hair pink and joined the “Skanks,” Emma and Will are dating, Artie and Tina are juniors and Blaine transferred to McKinley — that’s what you missed last week on Glee.

In this week’s all new episode, “I am Unicorn,” Shelby (Idina Menzel) returns in what looks like an attempt to convince Quinn (Dianna Agron) to be a part of Beth’s (the baby she gave up) life.

Is she asking because she wants Quinn to straighten up or does she really want Quinn to be a part of Beth’s life?

We also have to wonder — will things get weird when Rachel (Lea Michele) sees her mom return to the scene?

Check out a preview of “I am Unicorn…”

Season three of Glee will hopefully heat up after having just an okay opener. Ryan Murphy has promised more character and less fluff, and a promise from Murphy is usually kept.

What did you think of the season premiere of Glee?

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