Jersey Shore recap: Where is my boyfriend?

Sep 23, 2011 at 8:13 a.m. ET

Snooki had the wind taken out of her sails on last night's episode of Jersey Shore. Her trouble with long-distance boyfriend Jionni took a sour turn when he arrived in Italy and made judgment calls on Snooki's actions.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

After a month without her beloved Jionni by her side, Jersey Shore's Snooki was more than ready for a little love and affection. Although their relationship appeared tense while she was away in Florence, the two made a commitment to make it work and Jionni made the long trek to Italy to visit his lady love.

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Prior to Jionni's arrival, Snooki and Deena were involved in a car accident with a Florence police officer. Since she was without a license, a tearful Snooki was taken to the police station. It took the efforts of Vinny, Pauly and Mike to spring Snooki and Deena, Team Meatball, from jail with no fines or arrests made. Although not allowed to drive in Italy anymore, Snooki seemed relieved, as she was the only one of the girls who knew how to drive a stick shift.

New lingo alert! MRVP, MVP plus Ronnie, (that would be Mike, Vinny, Pauly) hit the clubs without the girls and Mike was hell-bent on bringing a girl home. Little did he know that he would not only score, but Snooki would prank him by placing his stalker, Brittany, in his bed before he came home to "surprise" him. But first, he had to tell everyone just how on his toes he was in case he would have to fight anyone again. The line of the night came from Deena, when after a sound bite from Pauly that explained Mike's new fascination with karate, she said, "Do your thing Kung Fu Panda!"

Mike was paranoid that Jionni knew about his and Snooki's "hookup" months earlier. When Jionni arrived, Snooki couldn't wait to get him in the smush room, later exclaiming to the camera, "Me and Jionni are going to have little guido babies. I can't wait to pop those suckers out! They're going to be so cute...and tan."

The gang went to the club, and Snooki couldn't keep her hands of Jionni. She also couldn't keep away from the bar, a sore spot with Jionni, who doesn't like Snooki's excessive drinking.

After a situation where Snooki lifted her dress and showed everyone in the club her, um, private areas, Jionni stormed out. Snooki ran after him, but kept falling in her high heels. The cast all ran after Snooki, who was screaming hysterically in the street, "Where's my boyfriend?" Ronnie finally caught up with Jionni and tried to talk to him, but Jionni pushed him away. Ronnie later revealed to the camera, "You can't keep acting like single Snooki when you have a boyfriend."

Jenni chased Jionni through the streets of Florence for what seemed like hours, never catching up to him. A sobbing Snooki was piled into a cab and taken home, consoled by Vinny saying that Jionni had to come back to the house because all his things were there. He then stated, "Jionni knows who he's dating. For him to get upset, that's weak." Could Vinny's soft spot for Snooki be returning?

Finally, Jionni returned to the house and after a screaming match, grabbed his bag, told Snooki she's single again, and headed into a cab outside. The show ended with Snooki sobbing in bed and the roomates helpless to aid their friend.

On another note, as anyone who has watched Jersey Shore recently knows, the commercial breaks are now as long as the scenes. For each two minute, thirty second scene of the show, there are at least three minutes of commercials. Come on MTV! We want our Jersey Shore scenes in more than sound bites. Just saying...

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