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The Vampire Diaries recap: The Hybrids come out to play!

If you thought the season three premiere of The Vampire Diaries packed a bite, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Will Elena (Nina Dobrev) ever learn? You don’t go into the woods on a full moon when there are potential hybrids running around!

The Vampire Diaries kicked off its second episode of the season by building a few hybrids and exposing Tyler’s secret to Mayor Lockwood. Wow, is it really only the second episode? Check out what went down on “The Hybrid.”

TVD: Building a hybrid

Hell bent on finding Stefan (Paul Wesley), Elena set off into the woods of Tennessee with Alaric. Too bad Damon (Ian Somerhalder) found them. Anyone else love watching Damon launch Elena into the lake?

Back to the action. Realizing he’s better off just agreeing with Elena, Damon joined the hunt, which led him to tons of danger and a crazy, transitional Ray (David Gallagher) — more on that later.

Over in hybrid land, Stefan and Klaus brought Ray (David Gallagher) back to his pack and began feasting on the poor werewolves, sending the rest into hybrid transition.

Oops, the transition didn’t look to be going so hot. Blood coming out of the eyes didn’t seem to be part of the plan. Klaus was so close to figuring out why — hello, Elena’s still alive.

In a flash, Ray ran off and straight into the path of Damon, Alaric and Elena. Using their trusty weapons, the group tied Ray to a tree — but that didn’t last too long.

As night fell, the group was faced with another werewolf, sending Damon one way and the humans another, forcing Stefan to come to the aid of Damon right before Ray was about to off him.

Stefan does Damon a solid, which means Damon has to return the favor by keeping Elena away this time.

TVD: Jeremy’s ghosts

Jeremy sets out to do some voodoo with Matt and a few of Vicki’s personal items, in hopes of conjuring up her spirit and finding out what she wants.

Matt freaked out, but after seeing a photo of him and his sister move, he agreeed to help Jeremy.

Too bad Vicki popped up and only Jeremy could see her. She claimed to be able to come back, but Anna broke the mood and told Jeremy not to trust her. Oh girls, even in death we can manipulate a man!

TVD: Tyler, Caroline and delena

Damon came to see Elena and to admit Stefan was able to be saved, but he had one question that needed to be answered first — why did she change her mind and run in the woods, instead of fighting for Stefan?

She admitted she was scared Damon would get hurt. That’s all he needed to know for fans to get the aww-factor.

After some back and forth, Delena fans got to watch Damon tell her to “remember” everything “she felt” while Stefan was gone — and yes, he would help bring him back!

In an interesting twist, last week we saw Mayor Lockwood shoot Caroline and this week she called in a man named Bill to take care of her.

Desperate to find out if Tyler was also a vampire, Mayor Lockwood spiked his coffee with vervain.

Finally putting two and two together after some chatting with Matt, Tyler confronted his mother and showed her what he really is at full moon’s light.

When morning came, Mayor Lockwood made a call to save Caroline, but Bill said he was going through with the task — it had to be done.

We then saw a chained up Caroline, and Bill walked in and she said, “Daddy!” Uh-Oh!

What did you think of “The Hybrid”?

Photo courtesy of the CW

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