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Revenge review: Why we thought revenge was sweet

Revenge debuted on Wednesday night and we’ve got you covered for what worked on ABC’s new fall drama.

A fresh take on revenge, courtesy of ABC.

We can give you a million puns related to ABC‘s new drama Revenge, but after all the hype, we figured it’s best just to lay it out there — the show worked on a lot of levels.

SheKnows had an early sneak peek at the Emily VanCamp-driven vehicle and now that the dust has settled and we’ve all got a taste of sweet revenge — sorry we couldn’t help ourselves — here’s our take on the show…

Plot Summary

Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) has returned to the Hamptons to seek revenge on those who wronged her family when she was a child.

What’s fresh about this simple and typical plot is that it’s actually anything but typical when you get to know what kind of revenge Emily Thorne is after.

In the pilot, Emily (formerly Amanda) takes on a new identity — and residence — when she moves into the beach house owned by one of the women who helped take her father down years ago (It’s discovered her father is now dead).

As her plan begins to unfold, we see that Emily Thorne has returned to the Hamptons to wreak subtle havoc — and revenge — on the Grayson family, which includes husband and wife team Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) and Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny), who were the biggest players in her father’s demise.

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Emily is out for a slow and painful kind of revenge, not the quick and easy kind. This includes exposing affairs and getting closer to the Grayson’s son, Daniel (Josh Bowman), in hopes of taking them down one-by-one (from the beginning of the pilot, we’re under the impression this doesn’t end well for Daniel) — just watch and you’ll see what we mean, unless you already have.

Emily’s cover is almost blown by Hamptonite Nolan (Gabriel Mann) who wants in on her game, but this is one tough girl who wants the wrongs of her life righted on her own terms.

Why you should watch

Revenge is a timeless emotion and act seen in the past and present of television, but the fresh twist ABC has put on Emily Thorne’s (played by Emily VanCamp) approach to it, is intriguing to say the least.

Actress Emily VanCamp has the opportunity to take this unapologetic character to many levels, given Emily Thorne is originally not open to forgiveness and turning the other cheek, but could eventually fall (we’re waiting to see if real feelings develop) for Daniel Grayson, adding a whole different dynamic to what viewers witnessed at the beginning of the pilot — him face down in the sand.

It makes for an interesting thickening of the plot, especially when the act of revenge can be a narrow street and not leave ABC much wiggle room to keep the story going once Emily gets what she wants (we’re interested to see how they skate around that).

How these characters will eventually play a part in her plan and her actual life remains to be seen, but has us wondering none the less.

We’re not sitting down on a Wednesday night to watch a girl cry over the fall of her family — we’re sitting down to watch her pick off the responsible parties one-by-one in a way that’s much more complex than a slit of the throat — which is morbidly fascinating.

Based on the pilot alone, this show will be in our rotation based on intrigue factor, plot longevity potential and Emily VanCamp’s early go at bringing depth to Emily Thorne and giving her a kick ass, no holds barred attitude.

What did you think of the premiere of Revenge?

Photos courtesy of ABC

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