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Modern Family’s kids mature; Alex “might kiss a boy”

Nolan Gould


Looking a little lost, but very happy to be there, Nolan’s positive attitude definitely rang true to his character Luke.

“I came from Alabama and started acting when I was three,” Nolan told SheKnows. “It was my dream to be somewhere like this.”

But like Luke, Nolan was anything but overwhelmed by the chaotic atmosphere, and immediately jumped straight into a hilarious story about this season.

“We had a Thanksgiving episode where we went pumpkin chucking,” said Nolan. “On the Amazing Race they did that, except it came back and hit the girl in the face. Everyone warned us to be careful. We flung it and it came right back toward us. Me, Rico, Ty, Eric, and Sofia were all standing in the way and it flew over our head and hit a chain link fence. It was so scary. I went around saying that I deflected it with my mind.”

Leave it to Luke, I mean Nolan, to put that kind of spin on a story!

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