Ryan Gosling: Gorgeous, sweet... and a bit of a bad boy

Sep 22, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. ET

In person, Ryan Gosling is every bit the sweet bad boy he plays on-screen. Here, our writer talks about her close encounter with the hunky Drive star and what it's like to breathe the same air as one of the hottest guys in Hollywood.

Ryan Gosling

A day or two before we met (I guess I can call us a "we" now that we shared chairs at the same table, right?), I gloated about my approved interview with Ryan Gosling, the sexy star of the new action-thriller Driveto all my friends on Facebook.

Several of my female friends wrote back, hot and bothered, telling me how unbelievable my job was. I thought I was so cool.

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I was assigned to cover the press junket (that's what the studio calls the day they arrange for god-like creatures like Ryan Gosling to sit at tables with frizzy-haired (not that morning, mind you!) journalists hoping that their four-minute block of interview time gets extended to five.) Or in this case, I hoped my interview time would extend indefinitely.

These junkets are arranged so press – domestic and international -- can ask questions fans would want to know about the movie.

Or the actor's personal life. Or anything. But when you're sitting across from someone like Ryan Gosling and he talks to you, your mind tends to go blank. Let me back up. Normally, the actor doesn't talk directly to the journalists. Typically, he or she enters the room, sits at the table and fields five to 10 pointed questions about the film. Then, a studio representative says, "Thank you," and the actor is carted away immediately. Gone as quickly as they come.

But Ryan talked to me. He actually spoke to me.

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