Emmy drama queen Julianna Margulies back in court Sunday

Julianna Margulies spent this Sunday basking in Emmy gold after landing yet another Best Actress nod for her work as The Good Wife. Next Sunday, Margulies and her Good Wife character Alicia will be back in court with a controversial murder case involving Muslim and Jewish classmates. SheKnows has all the videos to get you ready.

Julianna Margulies wins another Emmy

When Julianna Margulies accepted her latest Emmy last night, she was quick to thank her The Good Wife head writers, Robert and Michelle King. Last season, the duo put BFF’s Alicia and Kalinda at odds, gave Peter back his state’s attorney seat but sent him packing, and booked Alicia and Will into a $7,800 hotel room. The Good Wife returns Sunday, Sept. 25, and it’s A New Beginning for Alicia Florick.

“I think there’s a little bit of venom in her this year that you’ve never seen before,” Margulies teased via CBS. “A little bit of spite. A little darker. She definitely won’t be the doormat people can walk over this season. She played all the rules by the book, and that didn’t work, so she’s taking a new lease on life now, and seeing things from a different point of view.”

In Sunday’s season premiere, the staff at Lockhart/Gardner adjusts to new realities and relationships. The tension is high between Alicia and Will after that hotel room incident and it will be a while before Alicia and Kalinda are back on good terms, but among the toughest adjustments for Alicia is her newest boss — Peter’s campaign manager Eli! While Eli wants to keep her big breakup with Peter a secret for political reasons, Peter is sure their marriage is over, so he’s thrown himself back into work. Now that he’s back to being state’s attorney, you can be sure Alicia will run into her ex at the court house, for better or for worse. With all this going on, Alicia has to stay focused and work with Kalinda to defend a Muslim student accused of murdering his Jewish classmate.

Not sure all of this makes sense? SheKnows has two videos (below) to help viewers prepare for The Good Wife season premiere.

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The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9:00 on CBS.

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