Movie review: Will Abduction steal your heart?

Sep 23, 2011 at 3:01 a.m. ET

Known for his hunky, ominous presence in the Twilight Saga, teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner departs from the world of darkness to become an ordinary high school kid who finds out his parents are not who they say they are in Abduction.

It could be a mixed blessing to find out your parents aren't who they say they are, depending on how you feel about them. For Taylor Lautner's character Nathan, it's not immediately clear how he feels about finding his face on a missing person's website when working on a school paper in the new action-thriller Abduction.

Taylor Lautner in Abduction

His parents, like any other set of seemingly normal people, want him to study, come home on time and also be able to smash the other guy's face in during a boxing match. He also has to watch his back. And make sure he never lets his guard down. This might seem like a tip-off to the audience, but as far as Nathan is concerned, it's a total and complete surprise to him when he finds out that his home has been more of a hideout that he ever thought.

Lily Collins in Abduction

When his adorably shy, across-the-street neighbor Lily Collins stumbles upon the truth, the two quickly realize there are more than just a few lies beneath the surface. Without giving too much away, the pair suddenly find themselves on the run with nothing but a string of clues and a little bit of instinct to tell them how to unfold this ever stacking house of cards.

This is where the story gets off and running. Men in black, helicopters, secret agents and bad guys come out in droves. And then the kissing...

Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner kiss in Abduction

The chemistry between Collins and Lautner will satisfy, if not completely impassion, fans who have grown accustomed to seeing Lautner with his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. The love scene, if that's what you can call a steamy kiss in a tight train compartment, will have teenage girls hitting pause when the DVD comes out for sure.

Not only does Collins offer a good romantic match for Lautner, she holds her own, whether it's karate chopping a few bad guys or jumping into a cold river in order to make a little more time on the escape.

Alfred Molina in Abduction

In addition to fun action sequences and a good love story, veteran actor Alfred Molina plays the charming, but somewhat constantly peeved CIA chief who has been waiting for this moment for quite some time. The more Lautner slips through his fingertips, the more his own mysterious past starts to unravel. His presence adds weight to the film that would otherwise leave a void in a past we know Lautner is too young to be running from.

Anyone who is a fan of strong female actors will get a kick out of Sigourney Weaver, another character with a double life. She, unlike most everyone else in this film, tells the truth when it is finally asked. Refreshing, surprising and always a favorite, Sigourney is one of the best parts of this movie.

Sigourney Weaver in Abduction

Technology as a character is worth mentioning in that the story pushes the limits of how much "they" could know about you from hidden cameras, GPS trackers, cell phone data and basic internet searches.

Abduction reminds us that the more technology becomes a part of our daily life the less likely it is to walk down the street without being monitored by someone.