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SheKnows gives Melissa Rivers the clap

This week, Melissa Rivers flew to Scottsdale, Arizona to shoot an original video series with SheKnows — and fashion tips weren’t the only things going around.

The Style Showdown series, sponsored by, gives real women style tips to get their favorite celebrity looks without breaking the bank.

Melissa rivers making a TV appearance

With Rivers on set for two days, there was a fair share of jokes, one-liners and inappropriate innuendos that had the crew and talent rolling on the floor. But it was SheKnows that had the last laugh.

Watch the video for behind-the-scenes footage with Melissa Rivers!

Melissa Rivers was in her dressing room when the Director of Photography came to wrap things up for the day. It started with three, and then there were four, and before they knew it, the whole crew had a case of the claps.

After two days of talking high-end fashion, every black stiletto and pink pump was clicking and clacking through the studio as Melissa and the gang clapped a tune to remember. Check out behind-the-scenes pics here >>

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